About World Gourmet

T he World Top Gourmet Awards platform is being introduced to recognise the diversity of the hospitality and food and beverage (F&B) industries that in appreciation to those who have made significant efforts and contributions to provide quality service, quality food and beverages and dine experience to bring the F&B and hospitality industry to greater heights in the region.

Evaluation Criteria

The nominated gourmet retailers posses complimenting factors that harmonised the ambience of a restaurant
Service & Experience:
Encouraging of service where the overall dining experience is appreciable for the guests

Menu selection:
Factors contributing to good food include flavours, authentic cooking of different styles of food, innovation in creating new and interesting dishes and presentation of the dishes
The pricing structure takes into account all characteristics of the retailers reflecting the level of service, type of food and the atmosphere of the establishment.

About International Business Federation [ IBF ]

I BF was established to support the promotion and development of the trade particularly in the retail chains, F&B, travel and franchise industries within the 10 ASEAN countries, China, Taiwan, India, Korea, Japan and Australia. Our vision is "Promoting Asia as the world class tourism & shopping paradise." IBF aims to stimulate the European Union (EU) and to make Asia a hotspot for business opportunities by harnessing the collective strength of all countries globally.

Our Mission

• Establishing Asia as the leading international shopping destination for tourists from Asia and International tourists
Building strong awareness for retail and franchise brands in the global market
Facilitating Asia retailers and franchisors in their Asian and global expansion through Asian partners
Providing education and work opportunities to impart knowledge and improve quality of life

Advantages of become a member of IBF

• Seminars, Conferences, Talks and Workshops
• Trade and Investment Opportunities
• Business Matching
• Feedback and Networking Sessions
• Meeting with Overseas Delegations
• Business Exchange
• Mentorship Program