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Golden Jade Restaurant Culinary Group Pte Ltd

About Us

Golden Jade Restaurant Culinary Group was established at Geylang Road, Singapore in 2003. Its mission is to provide superior service and quality cuisine to the patrons. It prides itself in offering a total dining experience through delectable dishes, excellent service and comfortable ambience.

The restaurant has been serving Chinese cuisines to the patrons since its inception. In addition to that, they also offer seafood and steamboat. It’s considered a neighbourhood restaurant which will delightfully excite you with succulent tastes.

If you’re looking for run-of-the-mill Chinese cuisine with a touch of Malaysian flavours in a pleasant, no fuss environment, then this is the place. It’s a down-to-earth restaurant where you can enjoy some good food and share some laughter with your family and friends. Recommended dishes / drinks

• Salted Cream Crabs 咸湿蟹• Singapore Black Pepper Crab黑椒蟹• Golden Jade Pumpkin Prawn 金翠驰名金瓜虾球 • Yam Ring 佛钵飘香• 金翠秘制小扒鸡• 风味茄子

According to Mr. Chow, they need at least 60kg of pork bones to make the soup base every day. It’s no wonder the broth tastes flavourful and fantastically delicious! The Minced Pork Rice is full of flavour without the greasy taste, it’s a perfect match when eat with the Pig’s Organ Soup. Pay them a visit for a taste that stood the test of time.

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