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Innovative Strategie for Culinary Excellence: Preparing Malaysia’s Chefs for the Global Stage

By: Press Release Distribution Service, INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES

April 14, 2024 at 10:13 AM EDT

Innovative Strategies for Culinary Excellence: Preparing Malaysia’s Chefs for the Global Stage

Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - April 14, 2024 —

The Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts & Culture, Khairul Firdaus Akbar Khan, recently graced the World Top Gourmet Awards (WTGA) 2023 with his presence at the Sunway Resort Hotel, an event meticulously organized by World Gourmet. This prestigious ceremony signified the launch of an ambitious initiative aimed at bolstering the culinary expertise of chefs and local eateries across Malaysia, aligning with the goals set forth for the Visit Malaysia 2026 campaign, as revealed in the 2024 Budget.

Since its inception in 2017, the WTGA has played a crucial role in guiding both locals and tourists through Malaysia's vibrant dining scene, showcasing an eclectic mix of dining experiences from upscale restaurants to quaint neighborhood eateries. The awards have become a pivotal force in culinary exploration, offering invaluable insights, recommendations, and a platform for discovering the country's rich and diverse food culture.

In his remarks, Deputy Minister Khairul Firdaus Akbar Khan emphasized Malaysia's reputation as a culinary haven, noting, "Our nation is celebrated for its dining traditions, deeply rooted in our diverse cultural heritage. This diverse palette of flavors not only positions Malaysia as an ideal showcase for culinary diversity but also underscores the role of our food and beverage providers in narrating the rich stories and traditions through their cuisine, contributing significantly to the growth of our tourism and cultural sectors."

Reflecting on the year ahead, World Gourmet has unveiled a series of key initiatives designed to enhance the culinary skills of Malaysia's chefs and eateries. These initiatives range from specialized workshops and training programs led by renowned chefs, to culinary exchanges, cooking competitions, and festivals celebrating international cuisines. In partnership with local tourism boards, World Gourmet will also curate vacation packages spotlighting the unique culinary offerings of specific states, and engage local communities through charity events, fundraisers, and mentorship programs, aiming to extend culinary education opportunities.

Peggy Chong, President of World Gourmet, shared, “Food is a profound expression of our culture, heritage, and history. Through the culinary arts, we bridge cultures and foster appreciation and understanding. This year, we've received an overwhelming number of nominations, enabling us to honor 102 recipients—a record achievement for World Gourmet. Their dedication and passion stand as a testament to the industry's excellence.”

The WTGA of that year witnessed the appointment of World Chefs’ Association President, Master Chef Thomas A. Gugler, as the World Gourmet Chef of Honor, and Master Chef Chin Chee Sing (Chef Sun) as the World Gourmet Ambassador for 2023. Both distinguished chefs actively participated in the initiatives that followed.

The ceremony was attended by an array of esteemed chefs, including Tourism Malaysia’s Ambassador Dato' Chef Ismail Ahmad, Cooking For Charity’s Founder, Master Chef Jeffrey Tan, and 3-Michelin Star Forum Restaurant’s Executive Chef, Master Chef Adam Wong, showcasing their support for the initiative. With a track record of promoting over 300 local eateries, World Gourmet plans to extend its support to 500 establishments in the coming year.

As the World Top Gourmet Awards continue to champion culinary excellence across Malaysia, we are excited to announce that nominations for the 6th World Top Gourmet Awards 2024 are now officially open. Outstanding F&B brands, chefs, and personalities are encouraged to submit their nominations. For more details on the nomination process, please contact our representatives or visit our website at

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